Kid Connection Interview

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a guest on Kid Connection, a new radio program devoted to Central Coast children and their families. The show is broadcast over KVEC every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:00. It is hosted by Caity McCardell, who besides being the mother of two children, is also a radio host of the first magnitude. I have been interviewed many times but this session with Caity marked the first occasion I have been so comfortable in a Q&A situation. She had, as they say in the trade, “done her homework,” and done it thoroughly. Her observations on “Fire Truck!” and “Strolling in My Stroller” were clear and intelligent. I had no choice but to respond the same way. Thank you, Caity McCardell, for conducting an interview that felt more like a play date.


Caity & Ivan

Caity & Ivan in the studio at KVEC

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  1. Thank you so much for your programs on Yesterday USA. I appreciate them more than I can express in a note like this. Indeed, I clearly remember (from 60 years ago) most of what you play.

    Keep it up!

    Philip Anderson
    Hotel Mary, Cabina 4
    Tilaran, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
    Central America

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