Treasure Ivan Rides Again

Springtime is a renewal of all things bright and beautiful. Birds are singing in the trees, the sun has extra time to shine, and the Treasure Ivan Show is blossoming once again in it’s woodland studios, nestled in beautiful Halcyon, California. I have spent the past couple months have organizing and cataloging my voluminous collection of children’s records. Now I am ready and yearning to begin broadcasting again. From the letters and emails I have received, it is evident that my listeners are also eager to hear what is next in store.

We’ll broadcast a brand new show on Saturday, April 6. Until then, you can continue enjoying “the best of the Treasure Ivan Show” on KYNS and YesterdayUSA.

Treasure Ivan's Woodland Studio

Treasure Ivan’s Woodland Studio

Locally, we continue to be heard on KYNS 1340 AM Saturday & Sunday mornings at 7:05 am following CBS news, and of course, you can stream us from anywhere. Those outside the San Luis Obispo area are encouraged to visit YesterdayUSA where double-features of Treasure Ivan are broadcast four and five times a week. Check the “2 Week Rotation” section for times most convenient for you to listen.

Do you have any old children’s records or tapes lying around your basement or attic? Please contact me if you do. What looks like junk could prove a valuable addition to the program. Call the Treasure Ivan Hotline and tell me what you have that would contribute to our unique radio experience. (805) 202-8831.

Finally, if you have not already done so, consider giving Treasure Ivan a “Like” on Facebook. And remember my dual identity — is where you can learn about my upcoming concerts, CDs of music for children, and the famous Fire Truck! song.

No matter how young you are,
no matter how old you think you are…
“It is never too late to have a worthwhile childhood.”

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