Show 68: Skating the Solar System

This show will debut on SLO Radio News, Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 7:05 am (PST). You’ll hear it again on Yesterday USA in a couple weeks. Check our broadcast schedule for details.

Is this the best Treasure Ivan Show ever? Maybe not, but it comes very close. Skate the solar system with songs and stories as we chart the known universe through children’s records from the 1940’s and 50′s.

You will hear a Tom and Jerry cartoon record in which they travel by rocket to the moon. This is followed by Mr. I. Magination (Paul Tripp) and his young friend Donny who take us on a rocket ship to Mars and actually find life there. Finally, Robinson McClean invites us to join him on the ultimate space excursion where we learn “What Are Stars?”

Suspend your disbelief and these story-records will make you believe you are experiencing the real thing. There are wonderful songs featured between these tales, ranging from Sheb Wooley’s “The Purple People Eater” to the rarely heard “Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer” by Ella Fitzgerald. Count down to blast off…and away we go!

Dennis Scott & The Tornados

Fly Me to the Moon
Frank Sinatra & Count Basie

Tom & Jerry Rocket to Moon
Brett Morrison

Rocket Ship
Kathy McCarty

Space Ship to Mars

Space Ship to Mars

Space Ship to Mars
Mr. I. Magination (Paul Tripp), produced by Hecky Krasnow

Heck, I’d Go
Maria Muldaur & Dan Hicks

The Purple People Eater
Sheb Wooley

What Are Stars?
Robinson McLean

What Are Stars?

What Are Stars?

The Elements
Tom Lerher

Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer
Ella Fitzgerald

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Show 67: Best & Worst

My quest to find the best and worst children’s records often has me in the trenches. This week has been no exception. The show kicks off with a howl, with three songs about dogs.

The Whistler and His Dog
The Korn Kobblers

The Korn Kobblers

The Korn Kobblers

A Dog Is Man’s Best Friend
Phil Silvers

How Much Is that Doggy in the Window?
Ivan Ulz

I’m pleased to debut the newly released 8th cover recording of my song “Fire Truck!” It’s the first time a woman has chosen to sing the song, and it fits Bernadette’s voice like a glove.

Fire Truck
Bernadette Quattrone

Next up is a story record positing that cars and trucks have feelings just like you and me.

Blazer the Fire Engine who was Afraid
Toby Deane

For a more realistic view of machines and construction, stick around and listen to Marcia Berman’s zen-like song about BEING the machine. Then Tom Glazer dramatizes the construction of an urban Nirvana. Your child may bring out blocks or Legos after hearing new and dramatic ways to use them.

Marcia Berman

Tom Glazer

Tom Glazer

Building a City
Tom Glazer

Young People’s Medley
Ivan Ulz

Paul McCartney sings a classic nursery rhyme, and the Korn Kobblers do the same (nearly 50 years earlier).

Mary Had a Little Lamb
Paul McCartney

The Korn Kobblers

And here’s some good advice for living right.

Two Little Magic Words
Tex Ritter

Tex Ritter

Tex Ritter

Don’t Wipe Your Face on Your Shirt
Cornell Hurd

Finally, Norman Rose narrates a fantastical story you may have trouble understanding if you are not 2 to 4 years old. It’s all about vocabulary, but please do give it a try, and remember, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood!

Sugar Lump Town
Norman Rose

Little Sacka Sugar
Woody Guthrie

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Show 66: The Limeliters through Children’s Eyes

The Limeliters recorded this album live, with an alarmingly talented chorus of 70 elementary school children from Berkeley, CA.

Released in 1962, it’s still one of Treasure Ivan’s very favorite LPs.

The Limeliters - Through Children's Eyes

The Limeliters – Through Children’s Eyes

Ivan winds up this show with a song recorded by Glenn Yarbrough (a Limeliter) on one of Glenn’s albums for adults called “We Survived the Madness.” The reason? Well the songwriter of “We Survived the Madness” just happens to be one Ivan Ulz (aka Treasure Ivan himself)!

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Show 65: Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies

With Treasure Ivan on the road and Pepito the Canary taking a much needed rest, Engineer Eva and Frank the Rabbit hold down the fort.

Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens
Phil Harris

King of the Road
Roger Miller

Peter Rabbit album cover

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit
Gene Kelly

Ya Wanna Buy a Bunny?
Spike Jones & His City Slickers

Spike Jones & his Cityslickers

The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit
By Beatrix Potter, told by Engineer Eva

A Robin Sat in a Cherry Tree
Ivan Ulz

The Bunny Hop
Ray Anthony & his Orchestra

The Owl & the Pussycat
Ireene Wicker

Pet Sounds
The Beach Boys

The Family Who Prays
The Louvin Brothers

Goodnight Moon
Eden Brent

Treasure Ivan & Frank the Rabbit

Treasure Ivan & Frank the Rabbit

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Show 64: Some Songs & Stories

Treasure Ivan comes to this program with a satchel full of songs, and a couple of great stories …  Frank Luther narrates the story of “Raggedy Ann and the Nice Fat Policeman” a surreal tale featuring the famous rag doll and her friends. Al “Jazzbeaux” Collins tells the story of “Little Red Riding Hood” in the language of a hipster, the pre-beatnik from 1940’s not to be confused with the hipster of the 21st Century…Today’s songs are from all over, Australia novelty tunes to American Western songs about courtesy and befriending wild birds…Pepito the newest member of the Treasure Ivan company, continues to sing along with everything he hears and urges other yellow birdies to join in the fun.

Little Rascals Theme
The Beau Hunks

Kukla, Fran and Ollie

Kukla, Fran and Ollie

Here We Are Again
Kukla, Fran and Ollie

Everybody Eats When They Come to My House
Cab Calloway

Raggedy Ann and the Nice Fat Policeman
Frank Luther

The Laughing Policeman
Charles Ramsey

Tex Ritter

Tex Ritter

Big Rock Candy Mountain
Tex Ritter

The Pink Toothbrush
Max Bygraves

I Lost My Mummy
Rolf Harris

Tell Me a Story
Frankie Laine & Jimmy Boyd

Little Red Riding Hood
Al (Jazzbeaux) Collins

Little Red Riding Hood
Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs

Everybody Likes to Hear a Bird Sing
Tom T. Hall

Two Little Magic Words
Tex Ritter

Danny Kaye

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Show 63: Pepito’s Debut

A singing canary has joined the cast of the Treasure Ivan Show. His name is Pepito Dos, and he is a direct descendent of the American Radio Warblers who graced the airwaves from the late 1930’s to the early 1950’s. Accompanied by a violin and an organ, these yellow birds sang every Sunday from their studio in Chicago. Americans tuned in to listen, and those who actually owned canaries watched their own pet birds sing along with the radio.

Pepito Dos

Pepito Dos

As a child, I was fortunate to have a canary named Pepito. He was a natural singer, but when he heard these professional canaries on the radio, Pepito’s warbling became something on the order of a concert. My parents and I looked on in amazement. I never forgot that incredible experience.

It’s over sixty years later. Now I have my own radio program, and as of a few weeks ago, I have my own canary. His name is Pepito Dos, short for Pepe. He has been exposed to every kind of music from Mozart to Elvis, and he harmonizes to any and all melodies. Tune in to Treasure Ivan, and if you have a few extra dollars to spend, find yourself a canary and experience a joy that goes far beyond the virtual. Pepito and I are waiting for you to join us in song.

Sparkie’s Birthday Song/Birthday Cake Polka
Ivan Ulz

The Sandpipers withFrank Milano

Let’s All Sing Like the Birdies Sing
The Sandpipers with Anne Lloyd

Little Orley & the Happy Bird
Hugh “Uncle Lumpy” Brannum

Yankee Doodle Bunny
Jimmy Durante

The Eagle and the Thrush
By Algernon Black

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat
Mel Blanc

Woody Woodpecker Meets Davy Crockett
Mel Blanc & Daws Butler

Ballad of Davy Crockett
Tennessee Ernie Ford

Happy Birthday, Dear Chowderhead

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Show 62: Wishes

I’ll Write and I’ll Draw
Woody Guthrie

The New ABC
Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross

Bugs Bunny & Aladdin's Lamp

Bugs Bunny & Aladdin’s Lamp

Those who get what they wish for dominate this session of The Treasure Ivan Show. First, there is Bugs Bunny who, while innocently polishing his lamp, summons Aladdin and all the powers that accompany him. Wishing for carrots works fine, but asking to be a horse proves to be more than he can handle.

Bugs Bunny & Aladdin’s Lamp
Mel Blanc

Fire Truck!
Lars Gustafson

Foodini Goes A' Hunting

Foodini Goes A’ Huntin’

“Foodini Goes A’ Huntin’” introduces us to the puppet who was on television in the 1950’s, but not so popular as Howdy Doody. Foodini and his sidekick Pinhead believe they are on safari in Africa, but it turns out their hunting ground is embarrassingly much closer to home.

Foodini Goes A’ Huntin’
Hope & Maury Bunin

Red, Red Robin
Rosie Flores

Magesto the Magician

Magesto the Magician

Ice Cream gets out of hand for Magesto the Magician when he devises a magic trick that will make everything taste like the frozen confection. This 1946 recording is filled with songs and laughs, and an ending that rivals “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”

Magesto the Magician
Peter Donald

Ice Cream Song
Fred Waring

(That’s Why) I Love the Ice Cream Man
Lynne Farr

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Show 61: While You Were Sleeping

This week’s Treasure Ivan features three story records, with musical interludes to boot!

Leave the Dishes in the Sink, Ma
Spike Jones and his City Slickers

Woody Guthrie

First up, a wild party hosted by Frank Luther on “The Birthday Party Record.” This 78 rpm disk features lines like, “Boys kiss the girls, Girls kiss the boys,” and my favorite, “Walk like a duck.”

The Birthday Party Record
Frank Luther

Also heard is “Billy Rings the Bell,” a story record about toddlers being included in a performance of symphonic music.

Billy Rings the Bell

Billy Rings the Bell

Billy Rings the Bell
Music by Richard Mohaupt, Story by Delmar Molarsky

Dance Around
Woody Guthrie

Golden Slumbers
Jennifer Warnes & Jackson Browne

Last but not least, a 1946 recording of “Rip Van Winkle” as told by Lionel Barrymore — you youngsters know him as Drew Barrymore’s great-uncle.

Rip Van Winkle
Lionel Barrymore

Rip Van Winkle

Rip Van Winkle

Rip Van Winkle
The Nutmegs

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Show 60: Welcome Back!

We’ve all be waiting eagerly for the new season of Treasure Ivan shows, and it’s finally here! Stay tuned for lots more, coming soon.

Green Green
The New Christy Minstrels

Martin Mull

Green Eggs & Ham

Green Eggs & Ham

Green Eggs & Ham
Written by Dr. Seuss, Performed by Marvin Miller

Tupelo County Jail
Mel Tillis

Happy Habits

Happy Habits, from Kiddie Records Weekly

Monkey Song from Happy Habbits
Arthur Q. Bryan

Little Red Monkey
Rosemary Clooney

Animal Fair
Arthur Godfrey

Bunky the Monkey

Bunky the Monkey

Bunky the Monkey
Bud Collier

Raggedy Ann and the Golden Butterfly
Frank Luther

River Deep, Mountain High
Ike & Tina Turner

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Treasure Ivan Rides Again

Springtime is a renewal of all things bright and beautiful. Birds are singing in the trees, the sun has extra time to shine, and the Treasure Ivan Show is blossoming once again in it’s woodland studios, nestled in beautiful Halcyon, California. I have spent the past couple months have organizing and cataloging my voluminous collection of children’s records. Now I am ready and yearning to begin broadcasting again. From the letters and emails I have received, it is evident that my listeners are also eager to hear what is next in store.

We’ll broadcast a brand new show on Saturday, April 6. Until then, you can continue enjoying “the best of the Treasure Ivan Show” on KYNS and YesterdayUSA.

Treasure Ivan's Woodland Studio

Treasure Ivan’s Woodland Studio

Locally, we continue to be heard on KYNS 1340 AM Saturday & Sunday mornings at 7:05 am following CBS news, and of course, you can stream us from anywhere. Those outside the San Luis Obispo area are encouraged to visit YesterdayUSA where double-features of Treasure Ivan are broadcast four and five times a week. Check the “2 Week Rotation” section for times most convenient for you to listen.

Do you have any old children’s records or tapes lying around your basement or attic? Please contact me if you do. What looks like junk could prove a valuable addition to the program. Call the Treasure Ivan Hotline and tell me what you have that would contribute to our unique radio experience. (805) 202-8831.

Finally, if you have not already done so, consider giving Treasure Ivan a “Like” on Facebook. And remember my dual identity — is where you can learn about my upcoming concerts, CDs of music for children, and the famous Fire Truck! song.

No matter how young you are,
no matter how old you think you are…
“It is never too late to have a worthwhile childhood.”

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