Preparing the Record Boxes

Thanks in part to format changes at our local flagship station (KYNS 1340 San Luis Obispo), Treasure Ivan will air a rebroadcast this weekend. You can still tune in Saturday & Sunday at 7 am — even if you’re not on the central coast, you can stream KYNS online.

In the meantime…we’ve been preparing to rehouse and catalog the Treasure Ivan Treasure Trove. At the center of the collection are hundreds of hand-picked 78 rpm children’s records from the first half of the 20th century, collected by Ivan over his lifetime of musical appreciation.

Record box being sealed

Any storage solution needs to be a compromise between conservation and access, since the collection is still in active use for Ivan’s weekly broadcasts. After researching the options, we settled on wooden crates housed in metal shelving. Because wood is a volatile material, it leaks chemicals (off-gassing) which can harm delicate materials — like vintage paper record sleeves. To reduce this problem, we will seal the wood with water-based polyurethane. In addition, each record will be wrapped in a poly sleeve, and packaged along with its original paper sleeve in a second, sealed poly bag.

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