Show 58: Going to the Moon

This program is mostly about space ships and rocket travel as perceived before the moon landing of 1969. The songs we selected are from the 1960’s but the story records are all tied to the 1950’s. There is a definite difference in space awareness in those two decades. Listen for yourself.

Mr. Moonlight
The Beatles

Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon
Thelma Houston

By Rocket to the Moon

By Rocket to the Moon

By Rocket to the Moon
Ray Camargo; story by Jay Williams Music by Raymond Scott

This was the first science record released by Young Peoples Records, in 1951. It was described as “an exciting musical presentation of many of the important facts of elementary astronomy…but most of all the record is good fun.” It was also the favorite childhood record of Barry Hansen, who grew up to be the zany musicologist Dr. Demento.

Foodini's Trip to the Moon

Foodini’s Trip to the Moon

Foodini’s Trip to the Moon
Bunin Puppets

Foodini was a puppet character from the earliest day of television. Before there was Howdy Doody, Rootie Kazootie, or Kukla, Fran and Ollie, the endearingly arrogant Foodini and his pal Pinhead entertained children until more well organized shows came along.

Mister Spaceman
Holy Modal Rounders

Tom & Jerry’s Rocket to the Moon

In the 1950’s, MGM Records adapted the cartoon adventures of their famous cat and mouse duo and created a series of 6 phonograph records for children. They sold lots of records and provided hours of imagination stimulus for countless girls and boys.

Mister Spaceman
The Byrds

Buzz Corry Becomes Commander-In-Chief

Buzz Corry Becomes Commander-In-Chief

Buzz Corry Becomes Commander-In-Chief
created by Mike Moser

I don’t know if any addition Space Patrol records were ever released, but Space Patrol was a staple of children’s television and radio during the early 1950’s. It inspired countless hours of dramatic play for me and my neighborhood pals. This was decades before big budget productions like “Star Trek” and “Star Wars.”

Harry Nillison

Urban Spaceman
Bonzo Dog Band

That’s Amore
Dean Martin

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