Show 57: Assorted Treasures

This week’s show is a random bunch of treasures from the Treasure Ivan Treasure chest. One of them  — Tom and Jerry and the Fire Engine — was all I wanted for Christmas when I was 7 years old.

Hand Jive
J.C. Burris

J.C. Burris, Blues Professor

J.C. Burris, Blues Professor

Hotcha Cornia
Spike Jones

Tom and Jerry and the Fire Engine

This is my favorite of the several Tom and Jerry records released by MGM records in the early 1950’s. There are no credits as to the people who created this series, but the records retain all the excitement of the famous cat-and-mouse cartoons.

Fire Truck!
Andy Morse

Margaret O'Brien

Margaret O’Brien

The 3 Billy Goats Gruff
Margaret O’ Brien

Margaret O’ Brien was a very popular young movie star during the 1940’s. She was featured in “Jane Eyre,” “Little Women,” and co-starred with Judy Garland in “Meet Me In St. Louis.” She received an Academy Award for Outstanding Child Actress of 1944 and still appears in films and television.

Kansas City Star
Roger Miller

Frank Luther

Frank Luther

The Little Red Hen
Frank Luther

Frank Luther tells this well known tale for children and has some very catchy songs to go along with it. Cak-cak-cak-ca-dak-et is the sound of the little red hen as she does her chores without any help from others.

Chisholm Trail
Will Geer and Tom Glazer

This recording was released by Young Peoples Records in the 1950’s. Will Geer (Grandpa on “The Waltons”) tells the story and Tom Glazer (“On top of Spaghetti”) sings the historical songs.

He Taught Me to Yodel
Patsy Montana

Strolling in My Stroller
Ivan Ulz

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