Show 50: Thanksgiving

Just in time for the post-Thanksgiving weekend, here’s a nice big heaping of goodies from the Treasure Ivan treasure chest.

Spike Jones & His City Slickers

Groucho Marx recorded his only children’s record in 1949. He said: “I have, in the past, always turned down offers to make phonograph records for children but I was glad to make this, my first, for two reasons. One is that I like children…The second is because I like what this record has to say.”

What resulted was a powerful indictment of bullying and verbal abuse, told in the inimitable style of Groucho Marx. Written by Raymond Abrashkin, it is a funny and touching reminder that courtesy and consideration for others were issues long before we were born.

The Funniest Song in the World
Groucho Marx

The Funniest Song in the World - Groucho Marx

The Funniest Song in the World – Groucho Marx

Mairzy Doats
The Merry Macs

Next up is a slice of United States history scripted by Jay Williams and narrated by Norman Rose, with songs performed by Tom Glazer. In the words of its producer, “it offers the child a sound picture of an event of prime importance in American history.”

Working on the Railroad
Norman Rose & Tom Glazer with the Gene Lowell Chorus

In the Middle of the House
Alma Cogan

It's Fun to Eat

It’s Fun to Eat

Our final story for this program was released in 1946. It contains more praise for gluttony than anything this side of a hundred Super-Size commercials. You’ll wonder what they were thinking when they came up with this frantic 3-record set about eating and more eating. “Happity Yappity, Crunch, crunch, crunch!/ Oh, what a wonderful meal is lunch/ Happity Yappity Appetite/ We eat everything that’s in our sight.” Stick around; it gets worse.

It’s Fun to Eat
Sylvia & Murray Winant

Roly Poly
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys

Junk Food Junkie
Larry Groce

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