Show 49: Pollyanna

Everyone has a favorite movie star and Treasure Ivan’s is definitely Hayley Mills.

Let’s Get Together
Hayley Mills

Hayley was a child star of the first magnitude from her first appearance at the age of 12 in “Tiger Bay.” She was contracted soon after that (1961) to play the lead in Walt Disney’s production of “Pollyanna.” This show features a Disney LP of the movie, featuring the original cast including Jane Wyman, Karl Malden, and Agnes Moorehead.

Staring Hayley Mills

Next up, Treasure Ivan (aka Ivan Ulz) takes his listeners back to 1962 when a screening of Hayley in the British film “Whistle Down the Wind” turned his teenage life around. He vowed that some day, some how, he would meet Hayley. It took 40 years (and a 45 rpm record featuring Ivan himself, with Glen Campbell on guitar) to pull it off, but Ivan and Hayley finally got together long enough for a once-in-a-lifetime photo-op.

Ivan Ulz & Hayley Mills

Ivan Ulz & Hayley Mills (she’s holding the record)

A Letter to Hayley
Billy Kidd (aka Ivan Ulz)

But wait, there’s more. The Beatles also became involved in this platonic love story, and the Four Preps too. Though it’s rise up the charts was destined to be brief, cut short by a melodic mix-up, “A Letter to the Beatles” remains an important musical asterisk.

A Letter to the Beatles
The Four Preps

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