Show 68: Skating the Solar System

This show will debut on SLO Radio News, Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 7:05 am (PST). You’ll hear it again on Yesterday USA in a couple weeks. Check our broadcast schedule for details.

Is this the best Treasure Ivan Show ever? Maybe not, but it comes very close. Skate the solar system with songs and stories as we chart the known universe through children’s records from the 1940’s and 50’s.

You will hear a Tom and Jerry cartoon record in which they travel by rocket to the moon. This is followed by Mr. I. Magination (Paul Tripp) and his young friend Donny who take us on a rocket ship to Mars and actually find life there. Finally, Robinson McClean invites us to join him on the ultimate space excursion where we learn “What Are Stars?”

Suspend your disbelief and these story-records will make you believe you are experiencing the real thing. There are wonderful songs featured between these tales, ranging from Sheb Wooley’s “The Purple People Eater” to the rarely heard “Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer” by Ella Fitzgerald. Count down to blast off…and away we go!

Dennis Scott & The Tornados

Fly Me to the Moon
Frank Sinatra & Count Basie

Tom & Jerry Rocket to Moon
Brett Morrison

Rocket Ship
Kathy McCarty

Space Ship to Mars

Space Ship to Mars

Space Ship to Mars
Mr. I. Magination (Paul Tripp), produced by Hecky Krasnow

Heck, I’d Go
Maria Muldaur & Dan Hicks

The Purple People Eater
Sheb Wooley

What Are Stars?
Robinson McLean

What Are Stars?

What Are Stars?

The Elements
Tom Lerher

Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer
Ella Fitzgerald

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