Show 62: Wishes

I’ll Write and I’ll Draw
Woody Guthrie

The New ABC
Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross

Bugs Bunny & Aladdin's Lamp

Bugs Bunny & Aladdin’s Lamp

Those who get what they wish for dominate this session of The Treasure Ivan Show. First, there is Bugs Bunny who, while innocently polishing his lamp, summons Aladdin and all the powers that accompany him. Wishing for carrots works fine, but asking to be a horse proves to be more than he can handle.

Bugs Bunny & Aladdin’s Lamp
Mel Blanc

Fire Truck!
Lars Gustafson

Foodini Goes A' Hunting

Foodini Goes A’ Huntin’

“Foodini Goes A’ Huntin’” introduces us to the puppet who was on television in the 1950’s, but not so popular as Howdy Doody. Foodini and his sidekick Pinhead believe they are on safari in Africa, but it turns out their hunting ground is embarrassingly much closer to home.

Foodini Goes A’ Huntin’
Hope & Maury Bunin

Red, Red Robin
Rosie Flores

Magesto the Magician

Magesto the Magician

Ice Cream gets out of hand for Magesto the Magician when he devises a magic trick that will make everything taste like the frozen confection. This 1946 recording is filled with songs and laughs, and an ending that rivals “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”

Magesto the Magician
Peter Donald

Ice Cream Song
Fred Waring

(That’s Why) I Love the Ice Cream Man
Lynne Farr

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